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Get Juiced With AMP's New Offerings
By: Jeff Louis
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Most are familiar with AMP Energy (or "AMP"). It started life as a Mountain Dew product but soon became a brand unto itself. AMP is an energy drink infused with nutrients and endorsed by sports figures, most notably NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt.

Launched in 2001 to compete with Red Bull, PepsiCo has extended the AMP's offerings to include a new morning alternative to coffee: AMP Energy Juice. Reportedly containing all "the power" of the other AMP family offerings, AMP Energy Juice also contains 100 percent fruit juice in addition to Vitamin B and C, ginseng, taurine, guarana, and of course, caffeine. Luckily, Pepsi decided not to add sugar. 

Touted as a great option for those seeking a "boost,"  AMP Energy Juice just may be the best thing for those of us tired of drinking Starbucks. The energy drink arm of PepsiCo launched a commercial in Canada May 10, which illustrated how AMP Energy Juice can give a new outlet for those needing a morning boost.

Available in 12-ounce resealable bottles, AMP Energy Juice can be enjoyed in Orange and Mixed Berry flavors and are small enough to be stuffed in a briefcase or backpack for later use. The new offering is sold in convenience stores and grocery chains nationwide.

According to Food Biz Daily's interview with AMP's VP of marketing, Dave Mingey: "We're really excited about the launch of our first-ever energy juice, offering consumers a different energy option to help them kick-start their day. Many core consumers told us they weren't interested in coffee to solve their morning energy needs. So we're answering their calls for more energy options by introducing AMP Energy Juice, as well as a full pipeline of innovations for 2010."

Two additional products will soon launch to meet energy needs. The first is a sugar-free AMP for the calorie conscious. The second, AMP Energy Gum, is a light citrus-flavored chewable that packs the punch of an eight-ounce AMP Energy Drink.

AdRants describes the AMP Juice spot appropriately, alluding to the fact that the office workers, chowing down on cake, clearly need to take their morning efforts up a notch. The boss emerges from his office and is puzzled by just "who the hell he's employed."


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