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John Deere's Campaign Cultivates Creative Lawn Mowing
By: Jeff Louis
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If there's one thing I truly dislike, it's mowing the lawn. No, that's not entirely accurate. I dislike yard work, which includes -- but is not limited to -- gardening, raking, mowing, cultivating, watering, weeding, fertilizing, weed-eating, trimming, pruning, and aerating.

I don't know where this bitterness stems from, but I'm sure it's because it has to do with combining the words "weekend" and "work." It is likely, though, my distaste stems from repressed childhood memories of yard work being the only way to make enough money to fuel my trips to the skateboard shop. I don't skate anymore, either.   

I could care less about winning "Best Manicured Lawn" (an award my brother's won) or that grass is encroaching on my walkway. I live in a condo; we have an app for that.

I do appreciate the work that goes into a well-manicured chunk of earth, so I find myself digging (pun intended) the new John Deere "feel-good" campaign about creative lawn work. You have to applaud John Deere because it's a smart move; when the economy sucks, consumers want something to smile about.

The agriculture-equipment manufacturer's campaign features real customers who use their creativity to design lawn art to inspire "topiary masters" and express themselves using their John Deere equipment and a love for all things outdoors. John Deere asks, "What Will You Create?"

Brand loyalists can upload their masterpieces at JohnDeere.com, which has been reworked to reflect the campaign. Although Deere products appear everywhere, the campaign focuses on the stories, including that of Pearl Fryar, a Bishopville, South Carolina man who has spent over 1,200 hours on his John Deere tractor.

According to the site, "Without any formal training, he created a masterpiece that has been recognized by both art and botanical enthusiasts. Pearl works tirelessly to enhance his message of peace, love and goodwill. People come from all over the world to experience his inspiring and creative garden." 

While there are just a couple stories uploaded on the site, half the nation is underwater, and the rest has barely begun to show signs of spring.

If you want to get a jump on the competition, now's your chance. 


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