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Lindsay Lohan's Lawsuit a Losing Effort
By: Jeff Louis
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Earlier this week, I wrote about Jimmy Johnson's alignment of his personal brand with ExtenZe, the "natural male enhancement pill. " I wondered if Jimmy needed the money, as I thought it a risky decision for someone whose personal reputation was of greater value than a brand with which he was to align.  

Now comes word Lindsay Lohan is suing E*Trade because they used the words "Lindsay" and "milkaholic" in their recent Super Bowl ad; Lohan believes the ads targeted her.

I have a prediction for Lindsay Lohan on how this story ends: You will lose. 

I have often defended Lohan because I believe she has been maligned repeatedly for being a messed up kid/teen/adult who is singled out because she's (in)famous. I actually feel for her at times due to her inability to make a single move in her life without some sort of dramatic headline.

Granted, she might drink too much, do drugs, have a variety of sexcapades, and isn't certain about her sexual preferences. Sounds like a lot of people I knew in high school and college. The commercial does make a crack about E*Trade Lindsay being an alcoholic man-stealer. Maybe the spot is aimed Lohan. 

While I have come to her defense, I don't necessarily agree with her lifestyle or choices, nor have I avoided her mistakes. I've always thought Lindsay Lohan may have been lost; she never seemed like someone who was intentionally shady. 

Until now. 

Now she's crossed the line in what's being viewed as nothing but a ruse to grub for money. Unless she has some sort of inside information that Grey, the agency behind the spot, targeted her, this may be a move that causes her to lose the support of those who've defended her, like me.  

First, I question the lawsuit because it is for $100 million. Unless she was going to be cast for the next "Avatar," how can Lindsay Lohan claim she's lost a million in reputation, let alone a hundred million? What roles were taken away from her? How did her fashion or perfume lines take a hit?

Let's pretend her suit has merit. Haven't other sources, like Perez Hilton (who often refers to her as "Lindsanity") caused greater harm to her reputation?    

Second, when did the name "Lindsay" become a Lohan exclusive? She doesn't have the singular moniker that denotes her as a brand; she's no Oprah, Prince, Cher, or Madonna. If the spot would have used her better-known-but-unofficial nickname, "LiLo," maybe she'd have a case. 

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that she lost her job as the artistic director at Ungaro, a French fashion line that's been described as "flailing." 

In any event, if the suit is a scam to get cash, you'll never see me in public or speaking with Lindsay Lohan.  


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