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Paris in Brazil: Too Sexy for a Beer Commerical
By: Jeff Louis
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The country responsible for the micro-bikini, topless beaches, and the dreaded Brazilian wax has determined Paris Hilton just might be too sexy for a beer commercial. While it seems a bit suspicious that Brazil would complain about Hilton, truth is stranger than fiction.

At least Hilton is not resting on her laurels. In fact, I'm proud the hotel heiress has moved past her reality TV days to do something with more substance. Granted, it's only advertising, but it's a step.

The spotlight shines on Hilton in a 60-second beer commercial by the Devassa brand, one of many beers produced by beverage company Schincariol. The campaign started with on online-and-TV tease, hyping a "mysterious" (Bem Misteriosa) blonde we later find out is Paris.

She touts Schincariol's new brew, Devassa Bem Loura. Devassa literally translates as "profligate," a term that defines as "utterly and shamelessly immoral or dissipated; thoroughly dissolute; recklessly prodigal or extravagant."

That's just the name of the brewer. "Bem Loura" basically translates to very blonde. You can see where we are going.

According to the United Kingdom Press Association, Conar, Brazil's advertising watchdog group, pulled the ad. A Conar spokesman stated the problem with the ad wasn't for a lack of clothing, but regulations on beer commercials in Brazil prohibit women from being treated as overt, sensual objects -- unless they're filmed on a beach where it is okay to objectify women.

This is something Brazilian beer companies have come to learn.

The campaign features Paris in a short dress as she heads to the refrigerator and grabs a can of Devassa Bem Loura to rub on her body (something I often do). A photographer in the next building starts shooting pictures, and a crowd gathers to watch.

Brewer Schincariol stated they will defend the commercial but pulled it in response to Conar's request.

It's tame, especially compared to Miller Lite's "Catfight."



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