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Cooliris: The Infinite Image Wall
By: Jeff Louis
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Cooliris, an infinite photo and video wall, is one of the coolest plug-ins to come out recently. Think of a giant wall of TV's in 3-D that you can scroll through. Rows of flat screens are at your command.

Thus far, Cooliris is set-up for Chrome, IE, and Safari. I've been using Chrome as my browser, and Cooliris is simple to add as an extension, as everything gets handled automatically.

While I haven't tried it with other browsers, the extension definitely adds zip and zest to sites like Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Google, and Bing, allowing users to browse an entire wall of photos rather than clicking after each to scroll through images. If you don't see what you're looking for, keep going. The wall is as infinite as your photos.

Cooliris works on virtually every site via RSS, and they've even set up a developer page, allowing the addition of a 3-D wall to your blog or Web site. This is a perfect means for advertising creatives to display a body of work or portfolios using an inventive method.

Cooliris, Inc. began in January 2006 with the thought, "Think beyond the browser." It was once known as Piclens.

The extension is not perfect, and the biggest problem I've had with Cooliris is crashes. Macromedia Flash flames out when trying to do too much. For example, when I have several Cooliris tabs open, Flash crashes, causing Chrome to crash. However, according to the developers, they're still working out the bugs and welcome your feedback on any issues.  

While not perfect, Cooliris deserves a look.


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