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Craftsman Gathers the Tools Necessary for Social Media Push
By: Jeff Louis
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Craftsman has made its initial push into social media with an interactive video campaign featuring "stress tests" on premier tools from ts tool line. Everyone who has ever picked up a hammer, shopped at Sears, or watched NASCAR knows the Craftsman name; Craftsman is one of Sears' premier lines and is the official tool of  NASCAR.  

Craftsman Tools recently launched the microsite Craftsman Labs that features videos of grueling tests highlighting each tool's strength under extraordinary circumstances and extreme stress. Some of the featured videos on the microsite include the "Hammer Golf Experiment" and "Power Drill Daredevil."


The Craftsman Labs page depicts a panel to the left of the tests that were performed while showing a full-screen video recap. Options are laid out on the left-hand side of the page and describe what each experiment needs to complete.

Go to the site to see the result. It's a lot of fun for those who are into "Destructive Testing."

The campaign comes from Young & Rubicam in Chicago, and while the videos and Web site states these experiments are not to be tried at home, Craftsman does want fan input to suggest other tool stunts for similar trials.

The new campaign may see its way to Facebook where fans will be able to submit their own video ideas for the Craftsman Labs team. Selected tests would then be filmed and added to the site.

Crappy economy and global unrest step aside. I, for one, am extremely pleased someone has finally decided to bring "creative" back to advertising. It's too bad these spots didn't air in the Super Bowl.

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