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Top Five Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2010
By: Tommy Liu
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Sure, the legacy of of Peyton Manning continues to build and New Orleans finally has something to cheer about, but the ads are the real draw of Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately, not all of them can be winners, and some are a downright waste of money.

Let's take a look at my five worst 2010 Super Bowl ads.

5.) Doritos: It's a Miracle

I am all for user-generated content and think it's pretty cool Doritos gave a regular Joe the chance to make a Super Bowl commercial, but who thought this was a good idea? Faking your own death so you can be in a casket full of Doritos?

Aside from a brief gasp, the mourners aren't even shocked when the dead comes alive. At the very least, the mourners should have rushed the casket, diving for the chips because apparently they're to die for (pun intended). That wouldn't have salvaged the commercial, but it could've helped. Just about anything could have helped.



4.) Cars.com: Growing Up

This is how I imagined the meeting went for Cars.com and their ad agency when it came time for their Super Bowl Ad.

Cars.com: "We're ready to spend millions for a Super Bowl spot, so the ad should be damn good."

Agency: "Hmm ... the commercial about the kid growing up being smart and confident but average when it comes to buying a car did very well. Let's just do that again."

Cars.com: "Love it! It's a go."

You're going to spend over $2.5 million on the same commercial that wasn't even all that great to begin with? Really?



3.) Focus on the Family: Tebow

If you're like me and didn't follow the controversy and just watched it as an ad, you may be inclined to believe it has something to do with being a family. And it is, sort of. Focus on the Family is a Christian organization that is pro-family and anti-abortion. Either way, the ad just isn't very good, and somewhat weird. Mom gives miracle birth? Tim Tebow tackles her? Huh? Tim played quarterback at the University of Florida. C'mon now.



2.) Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret: Awesome

Emerald Nuts commercials have always been a little quirky and a bit weird but also kind of fun. However, for this Super Bowl ad, teaming up with Pop Secret somehow managed to amplify the bizarre factor with humans getting "aquatic." Really, I'm at a loss for words with this commercial. Well, one word does come to mind: bad.



1.) All of the Denny's Screaming Chicken Ads/ E*Trade: "Girlfriend"

Denny's is offering everyone a free grand slam tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., so what does that mean? That means big trouble for chickens. What do you do when you're in trouble? You scream. Denny's decided to scream your head off.

The fact that Denny's had so many of these of commercials (and none being less than annoying) is enough to convince one to take the free grand slam and not leave a tip. Hey, it's free food. What can you say? I'll see you tomorrow at Denny's.

I actually have no beef with the E*Trade ads. I enjoy them thoroughly and look forward to them every Super Bowl. I'm just really upset they replaced the original baby. Don't give me anything about that kid growing up. I will not hear of it.


That's my list. Think I got them wrong? Let me know your list of worst 2010 Super Bowl ads in a Tomment.

Dishonorable Mentions: Bridgestone: "Shamu," Budweiser: "Clydesdale's "New Friend,"  Boost Mobile's "Boost Mobile Shuffle," and KGB's "Sumo Wrestling."

Also, check out my list of Top 5 2010 Super Bowl Ads, a funny ad my company, Supercool Creative, produced for a client to rival HomeAway's Super Bowl ad here, and a Super Bowl ad I wrote.

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