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Ford's the First to Get 'Wired'
By: Jeff Louis
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According to the U.S. Census, 308,440,586 people live in the United States, and of those, 74.1% are Internet users, which equates to 227,719,000 Internet users. While the total household penetration in the United States hasn't reached 100% yet, Ford Motor Company has introduced the "wired" automobile. 

We knew it was coming, and now that it's here, a plethora of opportunities await on the horizon, like real-time traffic while driving. Although driving and texting is illegal in most states and for all federal employees, Ford and other automakers strive to get our cars connected.

This week, Ford's latest iteration of SYNC has been introduced. The system, called MyFord Touch, encompasses not only navigation and cell phone connectivity but integrates climate control, audio, and Wi-Fi, making your car a Wi-Fi hot spot with HD radio. 

According to Mashable, the new interface has been designed to replicate a traditional car dashboard, but everything is interconnected. There are two 4.2″ LCD screens on either side of an analog speedometer, plus an eight-inch touch-screen LCD in the center console.

Some great features are incorporated with SYNC, including:

  • Full Wi-Fi capability for use while parked.
  • Integrated browser supports tabbed-page navigation and a 3-D carousel for bookmark browsing.
  • Support for on-screen and USB-connected keyboards.
  • RSS feed aggregator and text-to-voice reader.
  • Mobile in-car Wi-Fi hot spot capability through USB-installed air card or USB mobile broadband modem.

Perhaps the greatest features of Ford's system is the navigation feature will come standard, beginning in 2011 with the MKX. 

 Watch the video. Is that cool, or what?


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