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The Great Ice-Cream Conspiracy
By: Jeff Louis
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If you’re like most, ice cream is a rare treat only to be consumed on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or hot summer nights. Peer pressure and our own personal guilt probably keep us from enjoying ice cream more. Before a couple of months ago, I would guess I had not purchased ice cream for roughly five years. 

When my brothers and I were wee sprouts, ice cream was a nightly treat delivered if, and only if, our plates were cleared, and that meant lima beans, liver, or any other horrid fare we were “blessed with.” My mom said those starving would kill for liver and onions. Having tasted it numerous times, I think she was the only one in danger of being knocked off. The meals were intricately bad, but the ice cream was always plain: vanilla or chocolate, maybe with some sort of syrup. My father, or course, had pralines and cream. We were not allowed to touch it.

Lately, I’ve taken over our household shopping duties, which I thought I would hate. Actually, I find great peace among the aisles at the grocery store. I’m not the best shopper, but I do look for deals, buy sale items, and have one of those discount cards. I realize that $10 is too much for coffee, and if you play it right, you can get it for half the cost. Since I am in charge, I thought I would check out the ice cream selection and was shocked at the cost. The same exact dessert I bought for $1.99 a few years ago was now in the $6-7 range. There's no way would I spend that much.

I waited for a deal and after a couple weeks, it was half that price. I bought two half-gallons and took them home, anticipating the perfect dinner plus a bowl of yummy ice cream. The gallon I had would certainly last. That is when I noticed that they weren’t half-gallons. No, the ice-cream manufacturers changed the size of the container and made it seem as if I was still buying a half-gallon, when in fact, I had purchased much less for more money.

The two containers didn't add up to nearly a gallon. I began to study different containers at various stores, and unless you are buying a store brand, the premium ice cream brands have adopted this ploy of looking like a half gallon, while actually providing only a couple of pints. My ice cream-loving heart had been broken, and although I have tried to find reasons behind the size switch, the answer has been hard to find.

It’s an ice-cream conspiracy. If you have any information as to when the size of an ice-cream container changed or why the price is so high, please call your local police department.


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