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Florida Doesn't Have an APP (DUPE BMA)
By: Jeff Louis
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Standing out from the crowd is what advertising is all about. In a world of "me-too" products and services, how can we lift our product, our brand, above the throng? Strategy? Creativity? A great tagline or goofy jingle? Maybe. Although there's never a guarantee, on way to stand-out is to cut across the grain; if everyone is moving in one direction, move opposite. 

It's a risky strategy that, if executed properly, can pay off in the long-run. So, while Apple, and the iPhone zombies have everyone working on applications for every possible situations, the Florida Keys have come up with a campaign saying that no app will ever compare to the Florida Keys.

And they're right. At least as far as I'm concerned. While many of us get all wired by the exciting technology available, scrambling to have the latest and greatest, there are better, more exciting things in this world. The TV campaign, produced by Tinsley Advertising, makes sure to point this out, capitalizing on the reality that life is lived outside your smartphone, and compared to you phone, real experiences are much more invigorating. Tinsley's creative director stated;

“Everyone is hammering the new apps and technology and preaching technology as an escape,” he said. “What we really wanted to do was position the Keys as an alternative with ‘real’ experiences.
“We want to communicate that there is no app or substitute for the wonderful, unique vacation experiences you get in the Florida Keys.”

The commercials, available on YouTube or the Florida Key's website, are slated to begin in January on both broadcast and cable. Available now on the Florida Keys website and YouTube, the 30-second promos that sound a bit similar to the Apple spots. But, in message and scope, they're very different. As a finger pulls a beautiful beach shot across the screen, mimicking a touch screen phone or computer, a voice-over in the background states what the ultimate truth: "There is no app for this."

Real experiences are always worth more.

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