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Dude Wears Your Shirt...For a Living
By: Jeff Louis
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His name is Jason Novo.


And, if you send him a shirt, he'll put it on and wear it all day long. It'll cost you some smack, but it is the entire day. No, he is not part of the fine products that comprise the "As Seen On TV" marketing juggernaut; yet, in my extremely humble opinion, this is the best idea and execution of the idea that I've seen during this dark and hostile time. Hands down, he will be notified that he’s won the prestigious "Innovation During Economic Uncertainty Award" that I just made up. Earlier this year, I challenged agencies to step up with ideas that were not only brave and bold, but also economically feasible. The submissions have tapered off as the recession has deepened, which does not surprise anyone; Mr. Novo, we bow to your marketing prowess, selling your body in the interest of determining your future. Whore-on!

So, what's the scoop with this dude? As I've already written, for a small sum Mr. Novo will wear your shirt for the day. If you can't send him a shirt because you lost yours while watching your bank, mortgage company, and auto manufacturer go under, Jason Novo has a solution: for a mere $15, Jason will purchase a pre-made shirt for you, and then wear it. The idea, its presentation, and the comprehensive branding are genius; social media mavens eat your heart out. This is the second well-appointed, tightly packaged social media plan that I've seen in as many days. The website, aptly titled, I Wear Your Shirt.com, is the triple threat: the name of the site describes the brand, the company, and the website in one fell swoop. Without having to open a single "Corporate, Our Company," or “About Us" page, Novo is able to roll up the whole kit-n-kaboodle and deliver it. Even daft users will eventually figure it out.

So, how does this confusing and intricate business work?

1. Choose a date
2. Pay advertising cost
3. Send Shirt
4. Reap Rewards

What is the ROI, and isn't this simply a get-rich-quick gimmick? I don't have the numbers in for the ROI portion of the question; is it a scheme to get rich, quick? Not a flippin' chance. Let's see if we can wrap this: His name is Jason Novo, and for a small fee, he will wear your shirt and promote you, your brand, your name, or your shirt. Every single day is for sale, so it doesn't look like that trip to Acapulco is happening any time soon. The pricing increases day to day: January 1st would cost a dollar, and December 31st would run $365, meaning that each day, the cost of a shirt raises exactly $1. What do you get for the big bucks? All of Jason’s focus, all on you; he blogs, tweets, releases videos on YouTube, takes pictures in your garb, gives away prizes to others, and otherwise promotes the crap out of your brand.

Sounds goofy, right? And, too risky. Doesn’t look like there’s any money in it. And, honestly, there probably isn’t any money in it. Yet. Other ideas that have similar problems (lack of money): Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Twitter. Just to name a few. Next year, Jason’s already announced that his business is doubling. He is adding a California component, Evan White, to take the business bi-Coastal.

As well documented in this trilling ride, the American spirit is not dead. Our fiercely independent and entrepreneurial heart beats strong and solid. To think that so many have given up on America!
Silly Rabbits.


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