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Danica Patrick Slaps Sticker On Her Car...er, Twitter Page
By: Jeff Louis
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Welcome to my first post on Digital Pivot! I know that you have been waiting for me to eeek over, and finally, after loads of red tape, some small bribes, and a few weekends spent doing labor, here I be. I am kidding, of course. All it took was an email...

Why Didn't I Think of That?
Believe it or not, it took Danica Patrick and her image/PR agency, Sports Media Challenge, to come up with an idea of having a corporate-sponsored Twitter page. All that was required was the changing of the background, and *BOOM* Tissot watches is featured on her Twitter page. I this is not meant deragatorily in any way...I just figured that Pepsi or some conglomo-giant would have already figured this one out. But, no.


Sports Media Challenge, based in North Carolina:

<blockqoute>What makes this different, and consequently an exciting time for all parties involved, is that Danica is one of (if not the) first person to launch on Twitter in conjunction with, and backed by a sponsor. Tissot watches is the sponsor. They see this and social media as a whole as an opportunity for ongoing sponsorship in a less-invasive way than traditional advertising. They’re trying to connect with consumers through social media and one of their company’s faces.</blockquote>

As always, the simplest ideas are often the best ones.

Now, my question is how am I going to get a sponsor to pay me for updating Twitter, something that I already do on my own? Kudos to Danica and team! If you would like to follow her, Danica Patrick's Twitter page is: http://twitter.com/danicapatrick.


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