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The Holiest Man On Facebook (No, Not Steve Jobs)
By: Jeff Louis
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No, it's not a mistake. Regarded as the "holiest" man on Earth by the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict now has a Facebook application called "The Pope wants to meet you at Facebook." (Why didn't they give it a fun name like PopeMeUp, or ItsPopuree2Me?)

The application was added to Facebook in conjunction with Vatican City website www.pope2you.net that went live late last week. In addition to the FB application, the faithful masses can follow the Pontiff's speeches using their iPhone or an iPod.

"We recognize that a church that does not communicate ceases to be a church," said Monsignor Paul Tighe, secretary of the Vatican's Social Communications department.

Unfortunately, users are not allowed to Poke the Pope, or to even befriend him. You can, however, send him a postcard.



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