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LinkedIn: A Fantastic Ad Choice?
By: Jeff Louis
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This morning, perusing LinkedIn for opportunities, promotions, and other general knowledge, I was getting ready to log out when I came across a banner ad on LinkedIn. Surprised, I thought about it for a second: Had I ever seen one on the network before? No. Did I even realize that they sold advertising? Yes, in some small nook of my brain, I believe that I had researched it for a client. Yet, there it was, before me. A text ad and a banner ad, on the same page.

Why Choose LinkedIn?
The targeting offered by LinkedIn is the most important reason for choosing this site's network. Targeting data is provided by professionals that are members, making the information exquisitely accurate due to it's importance in the community: user's skills are listed on their profile pages, where potential employers as well as current coworkers can access them. Thus, there is little or no reason to embellish...especially when it is so easy to be called on it. Users of LinkedIn, at a glance, provided by @plan 2008:
Forty Million Users,150 Industries
Average Age is 41
HHI is $109K
Gender Skew is 64% Male
95% have graduated college
50% of members are decision-makers
According to TechCrunch,

Most social networks have a hard time selling ads at more than $1 CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), but LinkedIn’s rate card shows display ads starting at $30 CPMs and going up to $76.50. Text ads range from $12 to $20 CPMs. Even with the regular discounting from the rate card that many advertisers might receive, LinkedIn is still doing much better than most social networks. That is because it has a more desirable audience that advertisers want to reach.

The fact that LinkedIn caters to males is not surprising; what is questionable is the ads being run by Showtime for their new series, Nurse Jackie. I would think that they would want to advertise on heavier-skewing female site. Yet, LinkedIn delivers more professional females with a higher income level than any other business-related site, so it is possible that Showtime is targeting quality, not quantity. When considering where to with an online campaign, don't forget to research LinkedIn. They may be exactly the answer for which you've been searching. Jeff Louis: Strategic Media Planner, Project Manager, and New Business Account Coordinator. His passion is writing. If you would like to get in touch with Jeff, please leave a reply or follow the links: www.linkedin.com or www.twitter.com.



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