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Social Media Explodes; Twitter Grows 3,712% YOY
By: Jeff Louis
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Mon·e·ti·za·tion ˌmä-nə-tə-ˈzā-shən also ˌmə- noun: to utilize (something of value) as a source of profit. For online purposes, it means a predetermined method to generate an income from items posted on the World Wide Web.

Much has been made of site value within the past months, mainly due to the quick rise of Twitter. Rumors have circulated widely that Google was at one point, in "talks" with Twitter. Yet, Twitter still stands alone. And why is this relevant?

Nielsen Online released the Top Ten Social Networking and Blog Sites this week. So, which of the sites came out on top?

It depends on how the data is analyzed. MySpace is actually ranked in first place when video streams were used as ranking criteria. Overall, though, MySpace dropped 31% for time spent on the site in comparison with the prior year. Facebook grabbed top honors for total time spent on the site from April of 2008 to April of 2009, racking up an amazing 13,872,670,000 total minutes in a single month. Twitter's year over year growth percentage was a whopping 3712 percent. Total time spent in the US on any social networking site increased by 83 percent from 2008 to 2009.

If there are any holdouts that question the validity of Social Media, please send them here.



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