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Tweets Blow U2 Song Line-Up
By: Jeff Louis
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So, there I was, following @U2Gigs on Twitter when the U2 crew (or someone in the corporation that has become U2) started tweeting the details of the songs that were being played at the dress rehearsal. No big deal on such a beautiful day, but in this case, it was the entire line-up of songs for the upcoming tour. Spoilers much?

In the long run, it probably doesn't matter. Getting tickets will most likely be close to impossible. In retrospect, maybe it's a good thing. I now have the song list, which is kind of like being there. Now all I have to do is find a location outside one of their shows, and I can claim that I was there while humming "With or Without You."

After doing a little follow-up, the below was printed in Vulture:

As we type this, U2 is performing a dress rehearsal for their upcoming 360 Tour in Barcelona, and the good people at U2gigs.com are live-tweeting the set list. The show is only halfway through at the moment, but they have been focusing mainly on material from their last three albums, though they have revived "The Unforgettable Fire," and Bono snuck in a snippet of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" after a rendition of the soulful oldie "Angel of Harlem."

The above statement offends me for one reason: they called Angel of Harlem an oldie.

Remember -- it's not Twitter that ruins dreams. Tweeters do.


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