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Internet Explorer, Projectile Vomiting, and Feeding America?
By: Jeff Louis
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It doesn't require much imagination to surmise that Microsoft probably employs some of the world's biggest brains. Although Microsoft is known for its PCs, the Seattle-based company provides the computing strength that runs universities, businesses, governments, and other "unknown" entities.

The amount of human and digital brain matters flying around those offices must be tremendous, and you'd think this would prevent Microsoft from missing the simple things picked up instantly by consumers. But it just doesn't work that way.

Microsoft's latest TV spot, promoting Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), centers on projectile vomiting. I, for one, am happy that Microsoft bought a ton of prime time programming since that's when many of us sit down for that forced family fun known as dinner.

"Mmm. Vomit. Please pass the goulash!"

The spot was created to highlight IE8's "discrete browsing" feature that doesn't track cookies or list pages in browser history (a fantastic invention for pedophiles).

The humor is a mix between Monty Python and National Lampoon, but it just misses:


(To see an earlier Talent Zoo blog regarding this campaign, please go to Beyond Madison Avenue).

The biggest error in this comedy is that Microsoft is supporting Feeding America, donating eight meals for every download of IE8 from a special landing page known as Browser for the Better.

Starving children. Vomit. New Search Engine. Vomit. Feeding America. Vomit. Microsoft. Vomit. Just positive relationships all the way around.



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