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Socially Inept: Tips to Organize Your Social Presence
By: Jeff Louis
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I have been Socially "aware" for about two years, and the most difficult aspect of using Social Media for your, and your readers', best interests is organization. If you are anything like me, you write for a blog, or blogs, you have a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, a Digg account, and several others that pertain to your business. Thus, I have an InSocialMedia.com account, and AdGabber.com account, and an Adholes.com account. There are others...

(The whole reason that this began in earnest was to keep up with industry news, and then, when I was "econonomized," to aid in my job search. It's become a job in its own right.)

I decided that I wanted everything to link to Facebook, which means that everything I write is sent, via a link, to my feed. Yet, that means that people, such as my relatives, that don't care about my writing on Iran or How to Buy Media are fed this news anyway. The bookmarks that I add are sent there as well, and my sense of importance is much different than other's. As is my sense of humor.

So, how do we organize this effectively? Currently, there really is no way to perfectly do so; thus, we do it as best we can for our purpose. I have picked up a couple of tips along the way from other bloggers, and Mashable.com is always a great source for information, as is Problogger.com.

Pick a main "feed" for all of your materials. Whether it's iGoogle, FriendFeed, or Digg, this will be where everything you write, bookmark, say, tag, etc. is found. Your "go to" page.
Make sure you aren't "multi-feeding." One of my biggest challenges right now is that when I Digg, it goes to Twitter. Then, to gain readership, I send it all out on Twitter. Twitter automatically goes to my blogs and to Facebook. My blogs' feeds are automatically sent to Facebook. Thus, Facebook will show two or three postings on my feed for the exact same thing. Irritating.
If you write for a paid blog, you most likely don't want EVERYONE'S updates showing up. Instead of automatically feeding these posts, each time you write, add notes on Facebook or just send it out via Twitter or Digg. That way, you won't be thinking, "Did I write that?" and then find out it was a fellow writer.
Use a Social Media Aggregator. Something I've not done as of yet simply because I am loathe to add another account that I need to sign up for, remember, etc. But, it is an option.
Cut down on the accounts. Despite what everyone writes, you don't need to be EVERYWHERE. Find the two or three that work for you, and use them. Keep them relevant, updated, and manageable.
These are just thoughts/suggestions that I am actually working on for my own organizational purposes. If you have better ideas or tools, feel free to respond and help others/me get organized. Either commit to your social media strategy, or bow out. The worst thing you can do is ignore something that you've committed to. Why be dead weight when you join to participate?



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Jeff Louis: Media Planner, Brand Project Manager, blogger, and aspiring writer. Please leave a comment or get in touch with Jeff on Twitter. As always, thank you for reading!

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