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LinkedIn Improves Company Profile Offering
By: Jeff Louis
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Since joining LinkedIn, I've always been perplexed by the fact that company pages are not customizable, or even attractive. Personal users are able to add slide shows, badges, pictures, and HTML while companies aren't given much but logo space, number of locations and employees, and a few other factoids.

The other part that troubles me is that many companies don't even bother to have a company page, not only bypassing the opportunity to attract top talent at no charge, but dismissing a free branding opportunity. In fact, now that I think of it, my previous employer never troubled with a LinkedIn page. An unintended consequence, of course, is the fact that companies not on LinkedIn will be seen as social media "outsiders."

In order to address these issues, LinkedIn has improved its company pages, offering versatile Custom Company Profile pages that provide better visibility, more options for content display, and the ability to target potential candidates more effectively.


The updated company profiles can be utilized for enhanced recruiting efforts, offering companies the ability to host an online career center and use modules (such as polls or recruiting spotlight updates) to target specific information to the most-desired candidates.

Additionally, companies can include video on their LinkedIn pages that will provide potential business partners and prospective employees a comprehensive view of the company.

These changes should generate more company profiles, which will then increase the number of individual users due to the enhanced job-prospecting potential.



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