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Facebook's Feeling Shaky
By: Jeff Louis
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Facebook, the hugely successful social media site, is one of those companies that made some mistakes when starting out, righted itself, and plowed forward. To its credit, it did not make many mistakes. But something is cracking in the social media powerhouse's facade, whether it's the competition, the fact that it stands out in front and will soon be butting heads with Google, or that it seems to be tiring.

Facebook is much like Google: it doesn't tend to half-ass anything, and that usually means mistake-free work. However, in the last couple of days, it seems that Facebook is "hurrying" to get things done, or at least is a bit off on its work.

Facebook punched out Facebook Lite. "Try it! Go to the site! Try it!" So, I went to the site. I tried it. Half of the functions did not work. Then, after trying it out, I heard, "Rate it! Tell us what you think! Rate it! C'mon, Rate it!" I rated it. It sucks. It does not work. There is your rating. Call me when it works.



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