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Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That
By: Jeff Louis
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I will be the first to admit that Twitter is not my fave social site...I understand how it works and what it's for, and I realize that it is in "real time," but for me, it is a tad bit...well...boring. I have followed some Tweets (after some difficulty) and basically have gotten it, well, sort-of figured out. However, I must be in the minority, because Twitter is adding scads of users weekly. So, if you like following tweets like; "just got back from the store" and, "what did you buy" then, "nothing" followed by, "oh" then you will be ecstatic about Twitters latest triumph.

Today marks a historic day...write it down. Today, March 25, 2009, was the first day that Twitter made a profit from advertising revenues! (CNNMoney.com)

Twitter, one of the most buzzed-about Internet start-ups, made its first online advertising venture by selling a sponsorship of ExecTweets to Microsoft. This move is in response to criticism in the industry that although popular, Twitter did not have any formula planned for actually making money. The ExecTweets will basically be a page dedicated to a collection of tweets written by corporate executives and will feature branding from Microsoft. Which, depending on what you are looking for on Twitter, could either be great...or a total bust. I signed up to follow ExecTweets, and let me tell you, this is some exciting stuff! Here are some of the Tweets that you may have been missing:

RT @dfletcher could better information architecture and analysis have helped us avert the financial crisis? http://bit.ly/WGg8qabout 1 hour ago from ExecTweets
RT @executivemoms @Twitter_Tips OVER 6000 FIRMS Join Twitter each DAY http://cli.gs/XnnZ97about 6 hours ago from ExecTweets RT @dwrasmus1 Let's fight our way back to prosperity one tweet at a time Share strategy and vision for these turbulent timesabout 20 hours ago from web
RT @PeterRoche: my coaching to execs, leave people in better shape than you found them.6:33 PM Mar 23rd from web
RT @BestBuyCMO Really like our plan to enhace our Reward Zone Silver tier. Good combo of short term quick hits and long term foundation...11:59 AM Mar 20th from webT @johnmaeda is thinking how subjectivity and passion are traditional hallmarks of the arts, but these times require objectivity...11:57 AM Mar 20th from web
RT @Padmasree Just listened to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Some people inspire us with few words, don't they? And he has a sense of humor:)11:56 AM Mar 20th from web
For now, I think that I am going to stick to LinkedIn and Facebook until Twitter piques my curiosity more. However, if you are interested in following me, please feel free: My_Twitter. Right now, to be honest, there is nothing there. But I am working on it.

(Oh, and if anyone knows the answer, why does Twitter take soooo friggin long to navigate? It's not like there are a ton of images on the site...)

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