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Microsoft Bites Apple
By: Jeff Louis
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Are you a PC?
Not are you PC, but are you a PC? IE, do you use a PC rather than an Apple? We've all been witness to the battle played out over TV, online, and in print...Microsoft vs. Apple, Apple vs. Microsoft. This is no David and Goliath altercation, but the two biggest bullies meeting on the corner to pound the crap out of one another. Yet, deep inside, they realize that they need one another...with most of Apple's apps available on a PC, and Microsofts' apps available on Apple, it's a struggle for dominance where each concedes that the other has some really good qualities.

It's a wonder they haven't come together to capitalize on the other's strengths rather than working to pulverize one another. Some of the strongest unions have been birthed by radically opposing forces: The US and Japan, Tom and Jerry, India and Pakistan, etc.

Microsoft's newest entry into the foray is comprised of numerous spots, varying in length, of people that are claiming to be "a PC." Some are cute, some informational, and the others are a bit boring. One of the better ones is Laptop Hunters (seen below).


Whether you are Mac or PC doesn't matter to anyone but you, and the company from which you purchased your computer. So be it. But, why can't we all just get along?

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