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Ford's "Advantage" Plan
By: Jeff Louis
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Yesterday I began to blog about the auto industry, and how pissed off I was that these "Captains of Manufacturing" were upset that the White House was taking a tough stance on the industry. As GM's head rolled, the other auto execs actually had the gall to be upset about it! Well boo-friggin-hoo. Chafed, I changed topics.

When I woke today, they were still there...painfully stuck in my throat like uncoated aspirin...slowly burning as they dissolved. A caustic memory lingered in my mouth.

These men are our best and brightest, leaders of America's most famous (now infamous) industry! Sheperds of commerce. Corporate front-runners. Thus far, there's been little action from them, other than begging.

So, when Ford's promotional think-tank announced a plan to pay for your car in the event you're canned, I thought; "Wow! You copied off of Hyundai. What a great plan!"

Their Pitch: The Ford Advantage Plan is different (ho hum). We'll pay for a year's worth of payments vs. Hyundai's three months (yawn). We'll offer zero percent financing (whoopee). And, we'll pay your $700/month car payment (what Ford is worth that?).

That's when the smell hit me, reeking of mortgage industry...just in a different place, at a different time. A promise to the masses that the unaffordable can be affordable. For a while.

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