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Offensive Ad? You Decide.
By: Jeff Louis
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Most of us have vices, those haunting addictions or habits that are unhealthy, uncool, unapproved, against the law, or absurdly annoying. From eating too much red meat to knuckle-cracking, there is something you do that is bad for you. For me, it's waking up, but I'm trying to stop.

We have habits that offend others, those that offend our bodies, and some that do both. The poster-child for the "both" category has got to be smoking. Not only is it terrible for you, it's terrible for others, and in many places, against the law. Efforts to get people to stop smoking have ranged from protests and ad campaigns to changing laws and levying huge tax increases.

Personally, I could care a less if you smoke--unless you mean something to me--which most of you don't. However, if you are a smoker and want to quit, there is a new spot out of Australia that might be able to help. Unfortunately, it has become controversial, aka "offensive," so use it while you can. Truly powerful television.

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