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GM Says America Needs A Comeback?
By: Jeff Louis
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Hearken back to the days of yore, when America was Built Ford Tough and Chevy had launched what was the start of An American Revolution, became The Heartbeat of America, and grew strong, Like a Rock. At the same time, Buick offered consumers The Spirit of American Style. The cars and the ads were inspiring...making us want to love America more than we already did. Yep, the good 'ol days, how we miss 'em. Thus, it's fantastic news to hear that GM is gonna bring 'em back!

Will they be able to pull it off? GM would like us to think so, counting on their new "Total Confidence Plan (TCP)," announced by several new TV spots meant to inspire America. The TCP provides payment protection if you get laid off ($500/month for up to 9 months), guarantees trade-in value for your vehicle, and also provides a 100,000 mile drive train warranty. The premise behind the spots is that GM is rebuilding from the "ground-up;" but, based on the ouster of former GM CEO Rick Waggoner, it looks like they'll be using the famous "top-down" strategy instead.

The spot anouncer starts with: "You know what America needs right now? America needs a comeback..."

No, what America needs right now is for GM to pull their own weight. There are two primary goals in business: 1) Make a profit, and 2) Stay in Business. Very simple. The third thing most pick up along the way: Keep the Government out of your business. Although GM's restructuring efforts don't seem to address a single one these items as of yet, it is only fair to give them more time...

(This Announcement was paid for by the Automotive Bailout Package, with funding and support from taxpayers like you.)

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