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Storm of Controversy; Content is King
By: Jeff Louis
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Fighting for (or against) a cause amid the ever-shifting social media landscape is the one of the greatest benefits of having a social voice: the accessibility to use it. If you bitch, someone's listening. If you praise, someone's listening. If you need to get the "word" out, someone's there to help. Yet, as with any "voice" others may hear, prudence cautions us to: "Use your voice wisely."

Why? The "Three I's:" Impropriety, Inequality, and Injustice. A threat to the "I's," real or perceived, will ignite a flame of backlash that will cross the synapses of cyberspace at light speed. The message, like a painful Internet toothache will rouse the sleeping giant of "violated rights" to respond, repel, and, yes, retaliate. People are listening; intertwining with social media as it spreads in ever-widening, influential spheres, integrating into our lives as easily and quickly as mobile technology. Content is king, and it's powered by users. Beware! Any misstep or lack of discretion in the social arena will bring down the unwelcome glare of public scrutiny. Just ask Amazon.
So, when the "Gathering Storm" video debuted on YouTube, it roused the slumbering giant to quickly became a target. The one-minute video, posted by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), speaks in a somber, calm manner about same sex marriage negatively affecting the lives of "everyday" people. Released a week ago, the video has received over 38,000 views on YouTube and been picked up by MSNBC's Hard Ball, Wired, The Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and other mainstream sources. As of this morning: 2125 Diggs and nearly 700 comments. The Human Rights Council, proponents for same-sex marriage denounced the video as a "fake," that promoted "fake" problems experienced by "fake" people.
Although it looks homemade, it drives NOM's message right home...proving that we do pay attention to items that affect us. As if any proof were needed, there are six pages of rebuttal videos.


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