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"Little Spicy Mexican" Offends Mexico
By: Jeff Louis
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Mexico, offended by this Burger King Whopper spot (click on Read More), cites that the world community is given "a bad impression" of the country. The spot, which ran in Spain and Europe, has been pulled by Burger King Corporation, who obviously didn't get it "Their Way." Mexico believes the spot portrays Americans as superior to Mexicans, and took exception to, “The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican,"

The newspaper La Jornada ran a front-page story under the headline "Denigrating advertising," and said the ads "show Mexicans as notably inferior to all Americans."

But an editorial cartoon in another Mexican newspaper, Reforma, showed a short Mexican dressed in a wrestler's mask holding a hamburger, with the caption "The only thing more insulting than deceptive ads are the ones that expose the truth." Both professional wrestling and fast food are popular in Mexico.

Mexico, to no one's surprise, has much to worry about these days. The Mexican government risks collapse at any moment, the country is flat broke, and her people are leaving in record numbers. Not to mention that there were 5612 murders in 2008 resutling from a violent drug war. The drugs in question are being shipped the United States, causing the Obama administration to pledge $700 Million to help Mexico fight the drug cartels.

So, it's a good thing Mexico's watching out for their REP; otherwise, we might get the wrong impression...


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