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Thou Shalt Not Twitter!
By: Jeff Louis
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I've come to the conclusion that although I think I am radical, the truth is that I must be pretty conservative. It is most likely a product of aging, but that's only a small percentage of why I think I am a conservative. (I did like George Bush for a while...but it was only months) I don't take huge risks. Plus, I think that Twittering in church is ridiculous. But, Time reported that churches are indeed embracing Twitter:

Voelz and David McDonald, the other senior pastor at Westwinds Community Church in Jackson, Mich., spent two weeks educating their congregation about Twitter, the microblogging site that challenges users to communicate in 140 characters or less. They held training sessions where congregants brought in their laptops, iPhones and Blackberrys. They upped the bandwidth in the auditorium. (Finding God on YouTube)


It's not that I believe that Twitter is in any way malicious or wrong, it's just that, like cell phones while driving, it takes your eye off the ball. People attend church for a reason; to make them feel better, to be closer to God, be a part of a community, or hear something that will aid them during life's stresses. How can anything of value be heard if members are too busy playing with cell phones? Might as well have them bring in iPods and watch a movie a baseball game.

I am a huge fan of Twitter, Social Media, and new technology. However, I would not DARE to send text messages or answer my cell phone at a staff meeting, during a training presentation, or in front of the CEO. What is not acceptable at the office is okay at church? Hmm.


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