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Some CEO's Don't Like Being Pointed Out
By: Jeff Louis
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Searching for the often controversial, but always relevant subjects to use for BMA.com, sometimes you find a gem. As you may have seen (depending on your market), Jet Blue has been taking very directed shots at CEOs using several snappy commercials are truthful AND funny. This is what is commonly known as "Sarcasm." I have been accused of being sarcastic before...by family, friends, coworkers, teachers, etc. So, I thought I'd better know what the word meant.

Anyway, I decided to see if the aviation industry, especially CEOs that chartered or took company/ private jets for their air travel found the ads humorous. That would be a "NO: They were not amused." In fact, they were almost hostile. I stole this reply off of an aviation pubs blog responses:


I watched the vidoes of the new 'CEO' JetBlue commercials.
I am a CEO...and I don't think they are 'funny' nor 'clever'. As for being well timed...I viewed them just prior to my scheduled departure...on my plane. David will regret paying for this nonsense.
Please find something else to write about...maybe something related to 'news' in our industry.
-Name Withheld (by BMA.COM)

OWCH! Sounds like someone didn't get their yearly stipend! Granted, most Warren Buffets of the world are not flying coach, so these spots are meant to be facetious. However, a CEO that's under pressure may (obviously) react differently. The Jet Blue site has quite a few funny CEO jabs on it. Go to: www.welcomebigwigs.com.


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