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Priceless My Ass
By: Jeff Louis
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The newest "Priceless" ad shows a young father and his son doing what young father's and sons do: spending quality time together. It begins with the boy filling up a water glass for his father (no bottled water here) and walks through how the boy helps his father become a better man by showing him how to save the environment by purchasing low-wattage light bulbs and choosing paper over plastic at the grocery store.
Honestly, I have always enjoyed the ads, (and the parodies) feeling that the campaign was well thought-out and made an impact. Until now. Below is a picture of my actual credit card letter that came in the mail prior to President Obama's "reform" of the industry.But it doesn't matter anyway...the whole reform is a scam:

So notwithstanding today's Obama ballyhoo, companies can and will continue to charge basic rates up to 30 %. Congress could have regulated interest rates limiting them to a few points above prime. But Obama and the Democrats (and, of course, the Republicans almost all of who take contributions from credit card companies) hypocritically caved in.

Raising Your Family With Good Moral Values: Priceless. For Everything Else, There's Visa/Master Card.


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