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Twitter To TV?
By: Jeff Louis
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Twitter is proposing a TV competition series, depending on your source.

The social-networking service said Monday it has teamed with Reveille productions and Brillstein Entertainment Partners to develop an unscripted series based on the site, which invites 140-character postings from members around the world. The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format. Twitter will not only be our "amazing" communication forum, but also our favorite reality TV show!

Reveille does have an impressive stable of shows, like "The Office," "Ugly Betty" and "The Tudors" and Brillstein Entertainment is no slacker either, with "The Sopranos," "Real Time with Bill Maher," "According to Jim," and "News Radio" on their list, so "Twube" (I made that up) might be the "American Idol" of the coming years. Supporters state that the series will show the TV-viewing world the immediacy of Twitter:

"Twitter is transforming the way people communicate, especially celebrities and their fans," said Reveille managing director Howard T. Owens, who expects the new project to "unlock Twitter's potential on TV."

The only problem is that the show would get phenomenal ratings and people would love it, but only for a while.Every time I have tweeted a celeb, they never answer. I've even added LiLo like four times! No Luck. Speaking of the stars, I don't want to be the downer at this speedball, but when Ashton Kutcher found out about the proposed project, he was not happy. In fact, he was Punk'd! Mashable reported that Ashton tweeted, "Wow I hope this isn’t true. I really don’t like being sold out. May have to take a twitter hiatus.” Was that a threat? Maybe Ashton will move to Canada in protest. Ashton, however, does not have to worry about a Tweet-Off at the Tweetup... Twitter stated that the rumors are unfounded. But, with every rumor lies a grain of truth.

Now, on the double down side: does it make sense for Twitter to have a TV show? In pure entertainment form and to get the product out there, maybe. However, it is my opinion that a lot of non-twits regard the service as a novelty. Twitter needs to choose whether to become a "game" or a serious contender. Yahoo cannot keep up. Wolfram Alpha is, uh, interesting. Twitter is the only company at this moment with a shot at revolutionizing the industry. If Twitter keeps futzing around with their plans for monetization, we will start seeing consortia for 171 characters because some gigantic-brained engineer figured out that 140 is wrong. (First of all, it is not a prime number.)

Honestly, your Twitter habits are your own, but I check in daily unless with a prospective employer/client. I go to my support meetings. "My Name is Jeff, and I am a Twitter-Holic."

As stated: USED DAILY, but mainly for picking up information: Twitter provides many news and business items that we would NEVER be seen but for Twitter. Plus, sometimes it is hilarious. So, what's the down side? For me, lack of communication/engagement. Maybe I suck. Maybe it's my followers. I would bet that there are more "me's" out there than those that are achieving orgasmic engagement.

I have, however, picked up freelance work via Twitter while TV has only provided me with poor eyesight.

If you have comments or think that I have no friends, let me know. I know people are "doing it right." I am just not taking off like a rocket.


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