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This Recession Will End
By: Jeff Louis
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There are some pretty unbelievable resources available online at no cost. Everything from whitepapers to completed slide shows, covering any topic imaginable. Some of the better ones are put out by professional groups in support of advertising agencies and efforts. These include the Advertising Media Internet Center (AMIC), the 4A's, and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.These organizations also fund and run many of the Public Service Announcements.

On May 5th, the OAAA's public service campaign was a shot in the arm to all worrying where the next paycheck will be coming from, or if there is a next paycheck. Named Recession 101, the billboard campaign is simple, as if printed on a piece of notebook paper and tacked to a 14' x 48' out on the highway. The messaging consists of a simple reminder: some day, the recession will end.

It is not the greatest, most creative campaign ever done, but it is timely and truthful. Look on it as a shot in the arm to keep away all of the bad stuff coming from television. The great driving force behind it is the idea of looking up during adversity rather than down. Moving forward instead of complaining. In an apt message, the OAAA states:

The campaign is about America and resiliency. The recession has hurt one of America's greatest attributes-it's unshakeable optimism...Recession 101 isn't selling anything other than the American Spirit."

And it's about time we returned to the American spirit and optimism. The entire campaign is available here.

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