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Boone Oakley Advertising: Creativity Isn't Words - It's Action
By: Jeff Louis
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I've written a couple times on Beyond Madison Avenue about the difference between agencies that talked about being creative, or social, or cutting edge, and then comparing them with those that actually are.
There are certain errors that will keep me from visiting your site, your blog, or your agency ever again.

Number One: You state that you're a large creative muckity-muck. I go to your site, and it is under construction. Nothing works.
Number Two: Misspellings. One every once in a while is tolerable. One on your homepage, in an ad, or on your resume is where we part ways.
Number Three: Professing your prowess in a certain medium, client category, or emerging media, and then not being able to back the statement up with verifiable proof. Don't say that your agency excels in social media if you don't have a blog, a Twitter account, or even a Facebook page.
One of the agencies I wrote about was Lisa P. Maxwell. They claim to know social media. Then they prove it by having live webcams showcasing all of their employees working. Check it out at lisapmaxwell.com.


This week's award goes to Boone Oakley. Although they sound like a cheap wine, they have the creative juice that most marketing directors wish they could tap as their own. Boone Oakley has their entire agency, including creative, produced as a series of YouTube videos. The best thing about their YouTube "website?" Functionality. Click on the link for collateral work, you are whisked to another video showcasing their collateral work.

Thus, there are a series of videos and I watched every single one. In one fell stroke, they've not only debuted their agency (as well as taken some well-deserved shots at big agencies), they have also creatively shown their creativity. Don't tell me how many awards you have or that your agency was voted "Most Creative" in 2006. Show me how that spirit lives and works today. Below is the first video along with one of the the linked videos.


This is one of the videos that is available under "Work by Medium."


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