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The Cricket Theory
By: Jeff Louis
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They don't have a cool name, like Razor Burn, Cloud Nyne, or inVisible. In fact, they sound like an accounting firm. Thankfully, they're not into accounting. What they are into is corporate survival, and other things that will make your accountant giddy.

Atlanta-based Nolen & Associates is proof-positive that contempt prior to investigation is foolish. Judged solely by name, they'd never be classified as an agency that is boldly progressive, unafraid of saying "no." Yet, that's exactly what they are, and they have a simple message: Market through the tough times and emerge stronger.

And that, in a nutshell, is Cricket Theory. They call it a brochure, but it's so much more...

Available on the Nolen & Associates site, The Cricket Theory is tightly written, steeped in fact, and delivers a powerful message:

"Make as much noise as Possible in Dark times. You will be remembered when it is Light Again"

The Cricket Theory becomes less theory and more fact as various case histories and studies are highlighted. Yet, the marketing budget is still the first thing to get whacked during economic uncertainty.

The Cricket Theory is a short, insightful tool that disproves this practice in a convincing, yet subtle, manner.

Over their 23 years in operation, Nolen & Associates watched as companies scrap entire marketing plans out of fear. Yet, it was a fear rooted in uncontrollable, intangible factors. So, the agency searched for information to determine which strategy performed better; shouting in the face of recession, or silent waiting.

The result: companies that "Chirp Loud" and "Chirp Often" come out ahead of those that remain quiet...both during, and following, a recession. There are a couple reasons for this;

"When your message is one of the few reaching the audience, your odds are much better for a greater return on your marketing and advertising dollar. When the upturn does come around– and it will – and your prospects and customers are looking to increase spending, your company (or your brand) will likely be the first one that comes to mind..."

Perhaps the most interesting fact listed in The Cricket Theory is that, contrary to popular belief, spending actually increases during a recession.

The Cricket Theory has become part of Nolen & Associates' DNA, and is a testament to their progressive nature; while other's founder, one agency has a plan to enable success during the best, and worst, of times. And no, it's not your agency.


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Jeff Louis: Media Planner, Brand Project Manager, blogger, and aspiring writer. Please leave a comment or get in touch with Jeff on Twitter. As always, thank you for reading!

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