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Large Breasted Women: Sleep Well Tonight
By: Jeff Louis
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And now, from the lighter side of advertising...

Kush Support is a company that manufactures and markets what they call "breast supports." These are not your surgically prepped and sterile packets of silicone or saline installed at the local cosmetic body shop. Nor are they fitted items of clothing meant to hold everything in place during duress.

No, the supports were developed to help pregnant women, women with implants or large breasts, and women with wrinkles in the bust area get a full night's rest. The inspiration behind the Kush came when founder, Cathinka Chandler,

"began to notice the appearance of wrinkles in my cleavage area. No matter how much I used creams or exercised, the creases didn’t go away."

I think for most, that would be called "aging."

Made out of lightweight plastic with a slip-resistant outer layer, Kush is inserted between the breasts to maintain a shape that is "more natural" for women that sleep on their side. Unfortunately for the Kush, the supports are fairly suggestive in appearance...and the ads depict smiling women with phallic shaped objects stuffed in their nightgowns, just smiling away. To make matters worse, a "small" Kush (only for nursing, pregnant, or women with implants) starts out at $55.00!


Of course, this story could not be totally complete without a goofy tagline: Kush Support - A Natural Rest for the Breast. At this point, it is up to the ladies suffering from this silent epidemic: Is the Kush a "bust-saver," or just plain busty...busted?


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