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Popeyes' Response to Sandwich Shortage: BYOB
By: Inc.
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Yesterday, fast-food chain Popeyes decided to do something about it's really big problem.

After capturing the hearts (and stomachs) of America with their insanely popular chicken sandwich, which sold out just two weeks after it was introduced, Popeyes released a video that shows customers how to make their own DIY version of the sandwich.

Popeyes calls this approach BYOB, short for Bring Your Own Bun.

Here's how it works.

First, you pick the bun of your choice--it could be a traditional seeded hamburger bun, or a pretzel bun, or even a hotdog bun--then you take it to your local Popeyes.

Second, you buy a special BYOB box of three chicken tenders and find somewhere to sit.

Third, you take the chicken tenders out of the special BYOB box and insert them into your bun.

Voila! The famous (and elusive) Popeyes chicken sandwich.

You might recall that KFC ran out of chicken in the UK back in February 2018, forcing the company to close most of its restaurants in that country for the better part of a week. The company apologized with full-page newspaper ads showing an empty chicken bucket with  the KFC initials cheekily rearranged.

The ads captured the hearts of UK customers, who had a laugh then happily returned to KFC when the stores reopened a few days later. It was a stroke of marketing genius.

While the Popeyes BYOB video wasn't quite up to KFC's PR effort, it definitely got people talking about the company's chicken sandwiches again. As the old saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."



Sort of.


As Popeyes pointed out in yesterday's BYOB tweet, "Only no mayo. Or pickles."


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