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Can BK Win the Coffee Wars With a Flat $5 Monthly Price?
By: Forbes
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Burger King started a coffee price war against McDonald’s and Starbucks recently. Customers who sign up through BK app can get a cup of coffee every day for a flat monthly $ 5 fee. That cuts the price of coffee to under 17 cents per cup!

At this low price, Burger King must barely cover the cost of the cup, which means that it gives the coffee away. Why?

To create its own “community,” according to Norty Cohen, CEO – Moosylvania.

“We believe that consumers inherently want to 'belong to a community,' it's part of the Maslow Hierarchy,” says Cohen.  “(Technically, it starts with food and water - goes to safety - then belonging - then esteem.)  Starbucks has delivered against this need since its inception. Burger King's concept, by definition, creates a new community of $5 loyalists.”

But there’s a strategic factor in play, too. The change in the focus of Burger King’s breakfast proposition -- placing of coffee ahead of other breakfast items like egg and bacon sandwiches.

To the everyday person, this change in focus sounds like a word-game.  But to a business strategist, it makes a big difference. The coffee first strategy is superior to an egg and bacon sandwiches first strategy, for two reasons:

First, when people who drink coffee in the morning think about breakfast, they usually do think about coffee first, and then about something that goes with coffee, so they are looking for a place that makes good coffee; and once they find that place, they end up getting something that goes with coffee.

Second, for most people concerned about obesity and cholesterol, most breakfast items sold by fast food chains and coffee shops are hardly the best food to seek after. This makes it less likely for these people to stop by a donut place, as reason prevails over emotion. But when the same people stop in a coffee place, they may find themselves buying whatever goes with coffee to go together with the coffee—as emotion takes over reason.



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