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Budweiser Reimagined 1950's Ads for Women's Day
By: Adweek
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Budweiser today is reprinting three of its 1950s ads that portrayed women as little more than dutiful housewives. But alongside the originals, the brand is running reimagined versions of the same ads featuring a more enlightened message.

For example, in the ad above, a 1956 message playing on women’s insecurities in fulfilling their husbands’ needs becomes an empowering statement about living your best life and surrounding yourself with people who appreciate you. The role of the beer itself changes notably here, of course, shifting from a tool of appeasement for men to an icon of enjoyment for women.

The point of today’s print campaign from Budweiser is multi-fold: The brand is, of course, recognizing International Women’s Day, which has become an increasingly important moment for marketers in recent years. Budweiser is also promoting its partnership with #SeeHer, an industry effort to improve how women are portrayed across all advertising.

But the brand also isn’t looking to shred its own past or shift the message to the point where it’s making men a punchline. Monica Rustgi, Budweiser’s vp of marketing, says the project is instead about highlighting how times have changed and how the message behind the beer (whose marketing and agency teams, she says, are predominantly women) has evolved as well.


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