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Ikea Wants You to Resurrect Your Dead Rooms
By: Adweek
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Mother London has launched a new campaign as the latest in its “Wonderful Everyday” positioning for Ikea, with a new ad titled “Ghosts.”

Directed by Blink’s Douglas Wilson, the spot opens on a solitary specter peeking around a corner of an empty house.

The ghost, wearing a classic white sheet—which seems to be in vogue now, worn by Casey Affleck in 2017’s “A Ghost Story” and appearing in a TurboTax’s Super Bowl ad—is soon joined by a large group of identical floating phantasms. Before you know it, they’ve got a party going, though it’s a pretty drab affair, morose music intoning as the group of ghosts shuffles in place.

Then a group of ghosts constructed from colorful fabrics designs and patterns crash the party. One of them throws on some more upbeat music—K7’s party anthem “Come Baby Come”—and the group’s infectious energy soon spreads to their monochrome peers, who can’t help but dance along.

When the homeowners return from their outing, the uninvited houseguests have to think fast, transforming into an array of Ikea textile items. Apparently the couple is so charmed by their home’s new additions that they don’t spend much time wondering how exactly they got there. The spot concludes with the catchy line, “Be a maverick with fabric,” followed by the tagline, “The Wonderful Everyday.”


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