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How Consumers Perceive and Respond to LGBTQ-Themed Ads
By: Adweek
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There’s a fine line between authentic representation and exploiting a minority group, and many brands steer away from that space entirely. Others fear they’ll lose customers by getting into “political territory.” However, the times, they are a-changin’, and consumers are making it known: The public is more than ready for LGBTQ representation in their ads, and they want brands to get on board. Gay social network Hornet commissioned a study of 800 people from Nielsen to determine the impact of LGBTQ ads on consumers, and the ads passed with flying (rainbow) colors.

“With this study, we hope to help brands improve their marketing and advertising as it relates to the LGBTQ community, a highly desirable consumer demographic,” said Hornet president and co-founder Sean Howell. “We identified missed opportunities and areas where advertisers can increase their ROI with the creation of authentic advertising. These campaigns speak directly to this consumer, and their inclusive messaging creates brand recognition, which, in turn, influences purchasing habits.”


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