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Google Wants to Bring TV Ads into the 21st Century
By: The Drum
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As the leading online advertising provider, Google hopes to replicate its lead in the digital landscape on traditional living room screens, now it has shown its hand.

This was made clear in a host of announcements made at Google’s recent Partner Leadership Summit where it announced several new TV ad products in DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP). Among this the highlights were:

  • TV Content Explorer: A new feature in DFP that places TV content is front and center in its platform
  • TV-modeled forecasting and pacing tools: A planning tool enhanced to help media owners foresee seasonal TV effects
  • Smarter TV ad breaks: A real-time optimization tool that helps TV owners to optimize during a commercial breaks by dynamically insert ad placements on inventory that is sold both direct and programmatically
  • Outstream video placements: An in-feed plus in-article ad format, which means publishers can now run video ads outside video content on desktop or mobile app

Rany Ng, Google’s director of product management for video advertising, is leading this charm offensive, with the executive today (October 19) penning a blog post outlining the TV monetization tools. Here she also outlined her vision that while TV content has never been better, however, “the experience is not.”

“Over the years, we’ve rebuilt our video platform from the ground up — we knew that TV was a very different experience from the web and we knew that broadcasters had different challenges, infrastructure, distribution partners and content from web publishers,” reads the post.


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