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Atari Takes Aim at Kit-Kat Over "Breakout" Ad
By: The Drum
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The chocolate and confectionary industry is no stranger to lawsuits. More often than not, companies are locked in legal battles to secure their intellectual property against rival incursions. Mixing things up however, Nestle’s Kit-Kat has been collared by a relic of gaming’s past, Atari.

The Atari was one of the first leading home consoles with titles like Pong, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac-Man in the 70s through 80s. The company’s fortunes are more modest today, it lives on as a games publisher, where it largely presides over the distribution of its extensive retro back-catalogue and the merchandising of said IPs.

Breakout, a brick-blasting evolution of Pong, that coincidentally was designed by Apple founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, features heavily in a UK ad from Kit-Kat with the bricks changed into blocks of chocolate.

The ad, that was called Breakout after the game, and also having fun with Kit-Kat’s ‘Take a Break’ strapline, looks to make a straight up reference to the title, rather than remixing it enough to distance itself from the claims.


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