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Confirmation Bias is Derailing Great Advertising
By: The Drum
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The notion of confirmation bias is getting airtime these days because of its overwhelming effect on political opinions. Because confirmation bias is inextricable to being human, we’re each genetically programmed to rationalize evidence — research, data, a comment made by an influential person, even a story you overheard — to align with our preconceived beliefs and understanding of the world. As a nation, we’re divided. Yet there’s one thing that most all of us share: confirmation bias.

But it’s not unique to politics — we can see it every day in the advertising business. For example, many advertising creative professionals judge quality of work based on Cannes or One Show award worthiness and see media professionals simply as bean-counting administrators. Meanwhile, many media professionals scoff at the creative-reel-obsessed creatives and view quality of work by a cost-related outcome, efficiency, impact or some combination thereof.


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