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Making the Man-Child Matter: How Cap’n Crunch Founds its Real Audience
By: The Drum
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If you're a certain kind of baby boomer, you may have enjoyed the relatively care-free 70s and 80s staying up ‘til all hours, larking about and hitting the kitchen cupboards around midnight on the hunt for chocolate bars, toast and jam and, in my case, huge bowls of cereal. I still have all the free merchandise today - playing cards, breakfast bowls, yo-yo's etc.

But, of course I wasn't the target market - it was at least 15 years younger and running around in short trousers. But the nocturnal insight is exactly what gave Cap’n Crunch in the US the idea to reposition their brand for the millennial male audience who consume the product late at night while playing video games!

The stand-out presentation at iCrossing's Client Summit in Scottsdale Arizona last week came from Jessica Spaulding of Cap’n Crunch with comedy publisher, Funny or Die. Instead of the usual 30 second spot aimed at their assumed core audience, insights revealed that all the social conversation was driven by millennial males, having a laugh about the brand, even making models of Cap’n Crunch, and celebrating the brand as part of their own social currency. In fact 60% of Cap’n Crunch consumers were identified as young adults - the so-called 'man-child' segment.


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