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Big Game, Big Stakes: Gaining a Guarantee on Super Bowl Advertising Investment
By: The Drum
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In the “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” discussion, much will be made of ads that air on Sunday night during Super Bowl 51, from all manner of industry ‘experts.’ Rankings will be published the morning after Game Day, celebrating ad winners, not the prevailing football team.

But in the ad competition the only opinions that really count are those of consumers who’ll eventually respond – or not – to what brands had to say during this year’s game. Stakes are the highest they’ve ever been with Fox is reportedly asking for $5 million or more for a 30” spot, this before digital support is added. Investment required for Super Bowl advertising is now so great that even goliath advertisers such as KraftHeinz have created ways to participate in game day conversation while avoiding traditional media investment.

Brands that are betting $5m+ on Super Bowl 51 advertising need to protect their spend, ad testing being one of the most obvious ways to ensure return on creative investment. One would, therefore, hope that industry standard ad testing methodologies are rock solid. Yet they are not. Much like political polling discovered in 2016, traditional, rationally-based ad research that probes for metrics such as “persuasion” or “brand linkage” is woefully poor at delivering predictive metrics.


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