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Marketing Resolutions For 2017 From CEOs And CMOs
By: Forbes
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As the new year begins, I thought it would be interesting to hear from CEOs and CMOs on the resolutions they have for marketing and marketers. Below is a collection from a variety of different companies and industries--from GE to CareerBuilder to Ashley Stewart to Comcast.

Make Data Actionable, and Prioritize Personalization

James Rhee, Chairman and CEO, Ashley Stewart

As we look for new strategies to engage customers, it’s important to analyze the volumes of website, campaign and customer data in a quick, automated and smart way. So on the marketing side, we’re resolving to make all our data easily viewable and actionable, so we can identify and prioritize trends, and maximize engagement. We’ll also continue to prioritize personalization so we can reach customers, across channels, with fashions and offers most relevant to them.



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