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In-Article Video Ads are the Shiny New Thing... But Are They Worth the Investment?
By: The Drum
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The world of online advertising is a diverse one with countless mediums, publishers, formatting, and tracking options. Accordingly, it’s tough to discern which “latest and greatest” advertising methods are worth the investment and which ones are over-hyped. In-article video ads, which play automatically in the middle of a consumer-facing article, are one option generating significant interest from publishers and advertisers alike, but how many people can these advertisements really reach? Do they truly deserve the increased attention they’re getting?

The In-Article Concept
The concept of in-article advertising is simple and quite clear from the name alone. Publishers offer advertising space in the body of an existing article, playing the video automatically when the user scrolls past it. Different publishers offer different formatting here, but as a general rule, users need to opt-in to hear the sound, and the video will pause if a user scrolls past the video (or the video may follow the user in some cases). Impressions generally count based on what percentage of pixels in the video are viewable for a designated period of time.


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