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Native, Video and Programmatic are the Essentials for Mobile Advertising Success
By: The Drum
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There’s no doubt mobile is an immense opportunity for digital advertising, particularly in this part of the world (APAC).

Almost three quarters of us will have a mobile device by 2020; that’s 3.1 billion people. Such growth is difficult to ignore, particularly when many countries with poor fixed broadband speeds have leapfrogged the west with mobile-first adoption.

Of course, where consumer attention goes, advertisers follow. That’s why the growth in mobile use has captured our attention like no other medium before it. Globally, eMarketer predicts mobile will account for 71% of all digital spend (and 32% of all media) by 2020. Coupled with that, this region is expecting the fastest growth in advertising spend – according to Zenith, Asia’s fast-track nations (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) will see annual growth of 9.2% each year till 2018, well ahead of the rest of the world.


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