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Top CMOs Advise On How To Avoid Common Marketing Pitfalls
By: Forbes
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While one of the biggest marketing blunders in history was the White Star Line advertising the Titanic as “unsinkable,” today’s top mistakes in the profession are more likely to happen in the digital realm.

In his book Chief Marketing Officers at Work, the CEO of digital marketing agency Josh Steimle met with some of the most powerful CMOs in the business — whose insights could help other marketers avoid common marketing pitfalls. Via in-depth interviews, the CMOs of Expedia, General Electric, Target and Lane Bryant share some of the mistakes that they’ve made, or seen other CMOs make.

Build Teams To Sift Through The Noise

Former Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Expedia David Doctorow believes that marketers should be cautious when following their competitors as it could be like the blind leading the blind.



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