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Holy Triathlon! Sister Madonna Buder Features in New Nike Work from W+K Portland
By: The Drum
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I was raised Catholic and in the pantheon of nuns, the likes of Mother Teresa and Frances Xavier Cabrini generally top the list of most famous — and deservedly so. They are badasses (such language!). However, one nun, 86-year old Sister Madonna Buder, known as the “Iron Nun,” is taking pious fame and that badassery (again, the language, Douglas!) one step further in Nike’s newest “Unlimited” campaign spot from Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

What makes this spot, “Unlimited Youth," so great is that: 1) Nike is continuing to get the everyday superstars in our lives front and center, 2) the VO for the campaign is some of the better casting I’ve heard in awhile (Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Oscar Isaac) and 3) an amazing NUN!!

"Our goal really here is to take athletes of all types, ages, skill levels, on a journey to reach their full potential,” Nike’s CMO Greg Hoffman told Fast Company. "At its essence, the Unlimited campaign is about inspiring and motivating athletes to break through their limits. The idea that, as an athlete, it's not about finding your limit, it's about realizing that you have none. And I think with truly great athletes, the insight was that they get to the point of having an unlimited mindset. So for us, it's to truly engage with athletes around the world during this summer of sport, and get them into that mindset too so they can reach their own full potential.”


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